Silicone Rack Mat Sponge

Whether you’re an avid chef or a beginner, having the right kitchen supplies can make a world of a difference. It doesn’t have to be something flashy or expensive to work efficiently; you need to know how to utilize your tools in every possible way. A lot of the hustle and bustle happens in the kitchen from cooking and preparing to innovation and cleaning. With a premium silicone rack, mat, and sponge, your experience in the kitchen can be made more comfortable and more efficient.

Hot Dishes

Who doesn’t love a hot meal when they come home from a long day at work? Regardless of what you decide to cook up, having a place to put it without burning a hole in your table or countertop is a necessity. With a silicone mat, you have a slim and useful product that protects your tabletop up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the perfect product for pots or pans and even baking sheets when your cookies to share around your table.

drying rack

For a large family, there’s bound to be a never-ending supply of dishes piling up in your sink waiting to go through their scrubbing and drying process. After the initial cleaning, it would be great if there was a product that could take care of the drying for you without having copious amounts of water all over your countertop. The silicone rack can lay across your standard-sized sink and allow all the water to fall down the drain instead of pooling on your counter.

Food prep

When it comes to fruits, vegetables, starches, and various meats, they require different methods of preparation. Of course, fruits and vegetables should have a vigorous rinse down, some scrubbing, and chopped for even cooking through and through. For meat and chicken, it’s imperative to limit the number of surfaces the raw food touches to prevent the spreading of salmonella.

kitchen kit 4u


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